What is the Hackademy?

The Climate Hackademy is an organization founded in 2016, aiming to provide resources and support for change-makers, technological start-ups, and NGOs worldwide working on sustainable development ventures, as well as small and medium-size enterprises looking to champion sustainability and innovation at the very core of their organizations.

Our focus is on training young social innovators and linking them with organizations in need of sustainable solutions. Businesses come to us with social and environmental challenges, and we provide young talents to solve them.

Our vision is to create a worldwide platform where entrepreneurial talent is nurtured, sustainable innovations are thriving, and large-scale positive change is pursued.

Our Services

1. Speaking events & workshops

Our speaking event and workshops are usually held over the course of a day or two. They focus on social entrepreneurship and the skills necessary to build a business. We blend principles of environmental psychology, business & environment, technological innovation, business management, crowdfunding, and accounting in a well-rounded sustainability entrepreneurship course.

2. Online learning courses

To be launched by end-2017, our online learning courses focus primarily on educating global citizens into well-rounded climate innovators. Topics include social entrepreneurship, business and environment, basic accounting, crowdfunding, and pitching.

3. Climate Hackathons

Our climate hackathons are designed to further put innovators’ skills in practice. Local organisations come to us with a sustainable development issue, and we offer solutions through young talents coming up with solutions. From there, the participants can either go on to creating a start-up, or networking with local business in need of entrepreneurial talents.

4. Start-up development

Promising start-up ideas are invited to work further with us and our partners. We then provide support in areas of networking worldwide, crowdfunding, talent recruitment, business development, and finances.

5. Consultancy on sustainable development projects

The Climate Hackademy also provides entrepreneurial talent and freelance consultant to assist in sustainable development projects across the world.

Who is the hackademy for?

We deliver educational talks and well-rounded training to young innovators, around social entrepreneurial skills, and project management.
We provide corporate organizations with young, fully equipped, entrepreneurial talents to adhere to their vision and/or hack solutions to their most pressing social and environmental challenges. Freshen up your perspective and create value.
We provide NGOs with young, fully equipped, entrepreneurial talents to adhere to their mission and/or hack solutions to their most audacious sustainable development projects. Freshen up your perspective and create value.

Our Projects & Collaborations